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Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart

I truly adore all things Autumn. The gentle turn from warm, summer days to the relief of a welcome cool breeze. Not only does it feel good, but it's also so beautiful to look at - all those golds and oranges, deep reds of the leaves...I could go on about the smells and the sounds of crunching leaves, too - I love it all!  To be honest, my art is rarely seasonal. I may make a shift from lighter, softer colors to deeper blues and berries, but they always just fall into the category of colors I love - some variation of blues, purples and teal.  I decided to go for it, though, when Scrapaholics Scrapbook Supply posted a moodboard for October. The design team was asked to give it a go and lead the inspiration for customers who may want to participate, so I dove in. And while I was a little outside my comfort zone with the colors, it came together quite easily and I was able to express all the feelings I get about this beautiful season.  And now, the recipe... I started off with an 8x10

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