The Art of Play

My entire healing from the inside out was built on a practice of creative play. In fact, what turned out as an intention to live more creatively and to make my hobby an actual everyday practice turned into an actual style that people fell in love with and wanted, as well as a business. 

Creative play is such an important part of our lives that is too often overlooked. In a generation of technology and busy-ness, how often do we really sit down and just allow ourselves to escape into the fun of playing with paints, paste or paper? 

(or with anything, really, because in creativity anything goes!)

When I realized just how crucial the practice of play had been for me - when I realized how much healing was happening of parts known and unknown - I knew there was purpose in it. I had to share it with others.

My depression and anxiety had decreased tremendously, my blood pressure was back to normal, solving problems was a welcome opportunity (and one I was better at!) and no longer another anxiety-producing thing. I found myself more joyful, and above all - I found myself so much more inspired to create more.

I was no longer concerned with ridiculous perfectionist standards, but enjoyed being mindful in process.

Comparing myself to others and what things should be just became what they were and are and will be and I was able to be in love with just that. 

I learned techniques and new ways of doing things.

I connected with God and my spirituality in a far deeper way than I had ever experienced before by allowing myself to be still and just immerse into the flow of creation. 

And above all, I found I was no longer concerned with how I might mess something up if I didn't know exactly how it might turn out. 

From all of this Art of Play was born...

an outreach to help others find this same relief in a too-stressful and too-busy world. I know others need this same relief I've been able to find so I dug into the steps of what I actually do in my playful artwork and turned them into an easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement workshop that you can follow along with step by step or in the parts that appeal to you most when you're able. 

The Art of Play is coming online!  

Yes, this amazing workshop is coming to you by video! In order to create the most enjoyable and low-stress experience for you, here is what we're planning:

  • Short and easy-to-follow videos leading you through a variety of media and techniques that you can eventually combine as you wish or just enjoy when you have the time to play on your own;
  • A very inclusive education on a variety of creative tools and media;
  • Creative hacks that will help your creative budget, including recipes for media, hacks for creating a variety of effects and more!; 
  • A complete supplies list INCLUDING alternatives to help you save time and money, as well as use what you have in the house (but also including some things you might love to invest in should you decide you love it!); 
  • An Art of Play manual for download with notes - during the workshop I want you creating, not jotting notes! So I've done it for you ;) 

In the end, this isn't just a frivolous and meaningless hobby you might create. Yes, it's going to help you in a variety of ways, but you're also going to learn skills and techniques that can help you find your own creative niche, that will help you grow in your own creativity and carry over into other things you might try or do. 

And it's FREE. 


When can you get your hands on this? I hear you! The recording, the editing, the isn't an artist's favorite thing, you know? But we're working on it just for you. 

If you'd like to subscribe to our blog to stay tuned for updates, and/or follow along on our social media, e-mail list, etc - please do, we will be updating you as things progress! 

The best place to be, however, would be in our Candle & Mirror Creative Playground, where the entire workshop will be uploaded as it's completed and where we will be having creative play dates together, adding more and more techniques to our arsenal. 

Join us - we'll be in touch soon. 



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