About Me

Hey hey - I'm Maureen!

I'm a faith-filled wife, mother to two beautiful kids and a mixed media artist living on a pretty spectacular sandbar that we call the Outer Banks of NC {US}. I'm probably known best as a really laid back book nerd who loves to act silly, who completely geeks out over words, journals and nice pens and who LOVES LOVES LOVES all things art and creativity. 

My passion lies not only in creating itself, but in connecting my creativity to others - whether it's through a piece I have done that reaches a person in that soul-touching way or if it's fostering a world of creative play in another, I am here for it.

Creative things have always had my attention. Whether it was doodling or the drawing classes I took in college or playing in paint - it’s always brought a certain joy out of me. I began scrapbooking in 2005 and found a new level of joy - mixing papers and different elements to create something beautiful was fun and thrilling! 


I dabbled in journaling and smashbooking, collage - all of it. But it was a hobby, it was something fun to do when I had the time. Never did I dream there would come a day I would need it and it would become a practice. 


Never did I ever foresee that my creativity would tie into a spiritual journey of healing & that I would share it so openly, so vulnerably with others. I never dreamed that people would want to buy my art. I never, ever could have guessed in a million years that I would be  purposed to make my primary creative mission one that is centered around not just creating, but guiding others toward the spark of an imagination-bending practice of their own.

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