To the Unsure Creative

Dear Unsure Artist,

I see you struggling from time to time. I feel the doubt & uncertainty you go through as you step into the creative space and aren't sure what to do...or if you even can.

It's so hard, I know. It's so hard to look around and feel less than and not good enough, to know you that you are you and shouldn't compare...yet doing it anyway.

I know how it feels to be paralyzed by perfectionism, so concerned about the outcome being crap that you don't do anything at all. I know that feeling of staring at the blank space, overwhelmed by its vacancy and stuck in the pressure of filling it up.

I know, but I know something else, too.

I know that YOU are amazing.
I know that what is in YOU needs to come out and will be a beautiful expression to the world.
I know that when you give yourself a chance, let go and just do as your instincts tell you that you will feel better for it - no matter the outcome.

Make the marks, put down the color, PLAY. enjoy the process and believe in yourself enough just to get onto the creative playground.

You don't have to sell it. The Metropolitan isn't waiting.

If you hate it, what will happen? Does the world end? Is life over?


Cover it up, start over again on something new.

If you're not creating any junk, you are not creating enough. It's how we learn, it's how we grow, it says NOTHING about you other than that you are strong and confident and AMAZING!

Tell your fear and your ego to hop in the backseat, to enjoy the ride and go make something!

Lay down the colors, the marks, let the water drip on your surface and give it room to do something amazing.

Give yourself room to do something amazing!

You were created to create and your creative instincts are intact. Listen to them.

You've got this ❤


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